Who We Are

We AHB Holdings Berhad, a company listed in bursa Malaysia, whereby our principle activity are engaged in the trading of office furniture, office interior products, and specialized computer furniture. AHB has a magnificent team in sourcing from around the world to find furniture we value for its design that meet the dynamic trend market today.

AHB holdings berhad is a dynamic and innovative company specializing in the trading of high-quality furniture products. With a keen focus on design, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a reputable player in the furniture trading industry.


Furniture Trading

We supply a wide selection of superior quality office furniture including office partitions, panel system furniture, desking system furniture, office tables and conferencing, office chairs, office storage cabinets, and office furniture accessories to create an inspiring and modern office environment.



The iconic image of AHB is defined by its high end, modern and exquisite office furniture solutions. Focusing on today’s world of work, we supply office furniture that our customers demand within their budget and timeframe. We also spend solid prep time to ensure we make your office space sophisticated and being on-site for the entire installation process that meet your satisfaction.



AHB is currently foray into development industry, our upcoming project are located in Taman Yarl. This development are ideally situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. This sanctuary is meticulously planned and thought out from the outside to the inside, with all the fineries of a private villa.



Our business typically involves providing services such as architectural design, engineering work, project management, and technical consulting to clients.


Other Business

Building material : These materials serve various purposes, including providing structural support, insulation, protection from the elements, and aesthetic finishes. There is a wide range of building materials available, each with its own properties and uses.


Contact Us

AHB Holdings Berhad

Office 22D, 22nd Floor, UBN Tower 10,
Jalan P Ramlee, 50250,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

Phone: +603 2022 2228

Fax: +603 2201 7774